Neil Carter Photography | About

A wedding photographer must be able to shoot in a fast paced event and be good at shooting all aspects of photography with many different lighting conditions. Portrait, Landscape, Architecture, Candid, Journalist, Bright back rounds, and low light venue's. There is many things that can happen or go wrong on a wedding day, a experienced photographer will stay cool and keep you relaxed and handle the situation. This is why I, with my bigger packages, bring a assistant so they can find people and organize the family and friend photo's while I concentrate on taking great photo's. I always bring backup equipment to be sure I don't miss anything.

The venue: Many photographers will over light the venue with lights at every corner, this setup is meant to make it easier  to get a safe exposure. The problem with this setup is that it gives off a annoying  bright flash through out the venue and does not give you the true setting photo of the event. I like to shoot it like it is, with flash but not over doing it. 

I shoot many different things, but weddings are my passion. I love to shoot happy couples.

Weddings are one of the most stressful and exciting day's of your life and a experienced wedding photographer that know's this can make the day go smoother.

Your Wedding day photos are ones you will want to share and cherish forever.  

I like to shoot a variety of different photo's (traditional, candid, fun, moments, etc.) but will shoot any style you like.